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Fast Guide to Keto Diet Foods - Grocery List

Updated: Apr 25

Starting a new diet like keto can be daunting at first, and one of the reasons for this is the improvements you will need to make in order to maintain the correct carbohydrate and protein balance. You do not even know what the right keto diet foods are if you've never tried it before.That's why we've built this quick keto grocery list to take the guesswork out of going grocery shopping.

Now that you have your keto shopping list, let's go through those often asked questions about keto diet diets and what you can and can't consume.

What fruits will I eat while I'm on a keto diet?

Fruit is rich in sugar, making it impossible to eat on a ketogenic diet. However, there are several foods that can be consumed on a ketogenic diet without disrupting ketosis. If you're curious what fruits are better to consume on keto, we suggest the following:

· Strawberries

· Blueberries

· Raspberries

· Starfruit

· Avocados

· Tomatoes

· Melons

What Foods Aren't Included On the Keto Diet?

When it comes to foods to skip on keto, anything rich in carbs or sugar is obviously not a good idea. Foods with artificial sugars and sweeteners, sugary beverages, fruits not listed above, and trans fats are all examples of this.

What Do I Have in My Keto Shopping List?

We're delighted you asked! This is a simple keto grocery list for beginners that contains all of the best keto foods. You should do this until you're familiar with keto, and then play with healthier tweaks and substitutions until you've mastered it. Here's the complete list once more:


· Coconut Oil

· Avocado Oil

· Olive Oil

· Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips

· Almond Flour

· Coconut Flour

· Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

· Stevia

· Pink Himalayan Salt

· Sugar-Free Seasonings


· Ranch Dressing

· Greek Dressing

· Blue Cheese Dressing

· Almond Butter

· Olives


· MCT Oil

· Protein Powder

· Vitamin Supplements


· Pork Rinds

· Macadamia Nuts

· Almonds

· Brazilian Nuts


· Avocados

· Broccoli

· Zucchini

· Asparagus

· Brussel Sprouts

· Spinach

· Mushrooms


· Steak

· Beef

· Salmon

· Mollusks

· Chicken Thighs

· Sausage

· Bacon

· Eggs


· Heavy Cream

· Unsweetened Almond Milk

· Butter

· Cream Cheese

· Feta Cheese

· Cheddar Cheese

· Blue Cheese

That's all! Now that you have all of the food you need, you might be curious what to do of it. No problem, head over to our keto recipes section to see a wide variety of keto-friendly recipes for every reason.

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