• Kathryn Wilson

The Ketogenic Diet's MCT Benefits

Updated: Apr 25

MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are a form of saturated fat contained in coconut oil. If you've heard of the ketogenic diet, you've also heard of MCTs. MCT fats are readily digested and transported to the liver, where they are quickly converted to food for the body's cells. The advantages of MCTS are different, ranging from anti-oxidants to promoting gut function.

These fatty acids are extremely beneficial to include in your ketogenic diet, and you can learn more about why by reading on.

Weight Loss and MCTs

MCT oil is well-known for its superior satiety properties, and a 2001 report found it to have fat-burning benefits.

MCT oils aid in the production of ketones in the body by increased thermogenesis, causing these fats to be used for energy rather than being processed. MCTs can inhibit appetite and decrease energy consumption, resulting in weight loss when used strategically in a ketogenic diet.

Furthermore, as ketones are present in the body, fat oxidation is increased, allowing more body fat to be used as energy.

Brain Function Enhancement

When it comes to MCTs, cognitive development is a growing area of study. One research showed that aged dogs supplied with MCTs responded significantly better in experiments than the control group, reinforcing the theory that brain activity can be improved by providing ketones to the brain through MCTs.

Patients with Alzheimer's found a substantial improvement in outcomes on a cognitive examination compared to the control group in a human randomized controlled trial, particularly because they had the biology to be dose compliant. The ketogenic diet and neurodegenerative diseases is an ever-evolving area that seems to be yielding positive findings so far.

Properties that are antibacterial and antiviral

With the growing awareness of antibiotic resistance and the new media's focus on the topic, learning that MCTs, specifically C8, are successful against some bacteria will be breaking news. MCTs have been found to be more efficient than Diflucan in treating Candida albicans and Helicobacter pylori at appropriate doses in studies. MCTs have been shown to reduce "negative bacteria" while leaving "healthy bacteria" alone.

Final Thoughts on the Advantages of MCTS

Because of their capacity to improve thermogenesis and ketones, as well as minimize inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, medium chain triglycerides are filled with health benefits.

When it comes to MCTs, the three advantages mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean, and this is a field of study that is becoming increasingly fascinating. Before you go wild with MCT oil, bear in mind that it may have a laxative impact in certain people; begin slowly and eventually increase your tolerance.

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